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We establish Security, Risk, and Compliance solutions as an enabler for your Company's evolution using the latest tools customized to your context. 

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Ensure a secure cloud computing environment following the latest CCM v4.0 Auditing Guidelines co-authored by our SRC managing directors ­Jan Jacobsen and ­Bilal Khattak.
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The second phase of digitalization is about business processes and automated processing of data. SRC-made automations will ensure efficiency and create transparency.


White Paper

As digital technologies become more widespread, the risks to information security also increase. A major hurdle of digital transformation in the financial industry is therefore to reconcile rapid digital transformation with information security and regulatory compliance and to make it as efficient as possible. The steps required to achieve this are described in our white paper "Information - a holistic approach".

Recent Projects

We understand our customers! We digitize processes that are difficult to automate! We rely on proven innovative methods! See the following overview of our recently completed projects.

Design Control Framework
Protection Needs Analysis
Automation SBA
IT Health Check

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